The Good Vibes Playlist

New: The Good Vibes Playlist!

There’s nothing like a good vibes playlist to get you moving in the morning!

For me, it’s simply impossible to do any meaningful work without some tunes in the background – the happier, the better!

However, I always shuffle between playlists and rarely stick to a single one.

That’s why today I figured it would be a good idea to gather aaall my favorites in one spot so I can come back to them whenever I fee like it.

This is how the Good Vibes playlist came to be: it’s a space where I add all the songs that keep me happy and productive. This is the debut tracklist and I’ll continue adding mood bosting songs as I find them.

Need a good vibes playlist? Work out, dance or get inspired to create with this regularly-updated playlist.

Whether you want to work out, have a dance party in your living room or need a soundtrack to keep you company while you create, this playlist has your back.

So go ahead, give it a listen!

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