On Paris And Cold Weather Bundling

Three words: cold weather bundling.

The sad (or rather, the challenging) thing about winter is the sheer amount of layers one has to throw on to feel somewhat warm.

The story goes a little something like this:

  • black warm tee (not visible)
  • lace-trimmed slip dress
  • cozy turtleneck sweater with side openings
  • short faux fur coat

Definitely *NOT* for the faint of heart.

The most challenging part of this concoction is adapting it to work for exterior-interior transitions*.

The truth is that, when in you are in a new city, you want to do as much walking and exploring as possible.

But onion layering can only get you so far: sometimes, you have to accept that the coat must come off and you have to carry it with you in an effort be somewhat lighter*.


*She posited, small dribbles of sweat rolling down on her neck – don’t you just hate it when that happens?

*Both mentally and physically.


Paris? It’s the charming beast it’s always been.

What To Wear In Paris In Winter

If you plan on doing lots of sightseeing (and you should!) consider tackling the outfit issue from a practical angle.

A few pointers:

– Layer.

– Flats over heels, always.

– Take a backpack along for your essentials (and discarded layers).

Pro tip: hair combing is optional and baguettes in the AM are mandatory.


– Rent a bike and go off the beaten track – you’ll be pleasantly surprised;

– Get ALL your tickets online, beforehand. The waiting lines to anything remotely important are impossible;

– Enjoy!

The best accessory?

A super comfortable pair of slip-ons.

Because, honestly: who wants to drag their feet on cobblestone in anything other than comfy, COMFY flats?

Pictured: a two-season-old pair of Zara kicks which never fail to prove their usefulness. 

Though I must admit that they only come out to play when there’s a serious amount of walking involved – those cloud-like soles are GOOD.

What about you? Ever been to Paris? What would your advice be for first-timers? Share your thoughts below.

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  • Sara

    This article makes me miss Paris so bad.
    You are truly talented and creative, i am absolutely in love with your blog.
    Can not get enough of your post, it is so original and has a unique style!


    • Daiana

      Hey babe, totally felling you! I could go back to Paris any day, it’s a gorgeous city!
      Thank you so very much! ??

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