7 Amazing Fonts For Your Next Project

Looking for amazing fonts for your next project? I have just the thing for you: seven fresh fonts that will add that extra touch of something to your designs.

I’ve picked them so that there’s something for everybody.

Seven Amazing Fonts For Your Next Project | Everything Here Now

Herr Von Muellerhoff, for example, is a handwritten typeface that can add a dose of sophistication to your work. It is designed by Sudtipos and it is part of the Charles Bluemlein Script Collection, harking back to the heady days of hand lettering and calligraphy in the United States. Use it as an accent font for maximum effect:

Amazing Fonts Herr Von Muellerhoff | Everything Here Now

Mattone is a clean typeface that scales well up and down to fit every plan you have in mind. I simply love how bold and brave and unapologetic it is! The typeface is designed by Nunzio Mazzaferro from Collletttivo:

Amazing Fonts Mattone | Everything Here Now

Xanh Mono is a delicate monospace typeface designed by Lam Bao and Duy Dao. Its name, “Xanh”, means blue, green young etc in Vietnamese. True to its name, the typeface can add a lovely touch of charm to any design:

Amazing Fonts Xanh Mono | Everything Here Now

Dashiell is designed by Max Phillips from Signal Type Foundry. It looks amazing scaled up, so use it discerningly for times whne you want to make a clear point:

Amazing Fonts Dashiell Fine | Everything Here Now

Capellina, designed by Ricardo Esteves Gomes from Outras Fontes, has two script fonts and two small caps romans which work great as a duo. I love its delicate, yet at the same time, determined look:

Amazing Fonts Capellina Script | Everything Here Now

C800 comes from The Trending Fonts and is licensed as Public Domain, which means that it is free for both personal use and commercial use. How cool is that? There’s something striking about its presence – use it when you don’t want to shy away from making a statement:

Amazing Fonts C800 | Everything Here Now

Ayres is designed by MAGOfonts and, like C800, it is also free for both personal use and commercial use. I’d use it as an accent font for a very special design, with its mix of swashes, deep curves and distinct silhouette:

Amazing Fonts Ayres | Everything Here Now

And there you have them! Seven amazing fonts 2022 for your next design. What will you create?

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Seven Amazing Fonts For Your Next Project | Everything Here Now
Amazing Fonts For Your Next Project | Everything Here Now

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