Hi, I’m Daiana.

Daiana, EHN founder

My studio provides creative content consultancy for fashion e-commerce brands, with a focus on developing and managing blogs, editorial platforms and social media profiles.

I work closely with my clients to create and maintain a web presence that enhances their brand’s story and offers opportunities for authentic engagement.

Let me ask you a simple question…

Are you building brand value online?

Creative Content Consultancy Everything Here Now

You already have products to sell, an entire operation to supervise and a team to coordinate.

What you *don’t* have is time to churn out content that keeps your audience coming back for more.

So here’s the good news: you shouldn’t have to.

The only thing you should be focusing on as an owner is ACTUALLY RUNNING your business.

If this is you…

〰️ You have a clear direction for your business, but lack the time and skills to create and consistently implement a content strategy;

〰️  You currently don’t have an ongoing conversation with your customers and you worry that, because of this, your business is not developing at is full potential;

〰️ You have an unstructured approach to content that leaves you stressed and drained, so you tend to perceive it as a chore rather than a motor for business growth. 

Then this could be future you:

✔️ Your content strategy enhances the brand and touches upon its every aspect. You’re free to dedicate all your time and attention to the bigger-picture aspects of your business;
✔️ You have an ongoing conversation with your customers. You inform, educate and listen – so when they’re ready to buy, your brand is the first name that comes to mind;
✔️ You approach content in a clear, structured way and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it. Meanwhile, your business attracts more visitors and future customers that stick around.

happy clients

  • I really enjoyed collaborating with Daiana. She communicated clearly about the project needs and provided great sample pieces for me to have a better understanding of her writing style. She had a quick turnaround as well. The final product was exactly what I wanted. I would love to work with Daiana again!

  • Hiring Daiana was the best decision we have ever made as a company. She has helped us to create a voice for our brand and has been invaluable in developing our blog and social media approach.

    Love Is Jewellery
  • Daiana was great to work with. Professional, responsive and pleasant. I would highly recommend her and if I have need for this type of support again I will hire her.

  • We adore working with Daiana and look forward to continue working with her. I'd whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a content creator/ social media analyst / social media manager.

    Love Is Jewellery

the studio: services

Creative Content Consultancy EHN Services

Just skimming through? I got you! Here’s a quick breakdown of my services:

✔️ EDITORIAL BLOG CALENDAR tailored to your business;

✔️ Professional FASHION BLOGGING;

✔️ CONTENT CURATION & CUSTOM VISUALS derived from your products;

✔️ STYLISH SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT for every platform;

✔️ Creating, editing and writing BEAUTIFUL POSTS and/or STORIES for INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

Boost your business with a done-for-you content strategy:

featured work


Click for a live view.



Ready to take your content (and your business) to the next level?

Here’s how it works…

the process


Consists of an hour-long call during which we’ll talk about your brand’s objectives and goals, existing content strategy and brand manuals.

Deliverable: a “where you want to be” document and investment proposal tailored to your specific content needs.


This involves the creation of a carefully curated ideal customer profile, objective-mapping for specific time-frames, strategy creation, custom mood board, content ideation proposals, guidelines & strategies.

Plus a live call for feedback & adjustments, if needed.


Implemented monthly or weekly, the package builds on all the materials from the first two steps, putting them in action.

To go forward with this step of the process, you’ll be presented with a custom content creation package.

À la carte service quotes available upon request.

oh, you want more?

I also offer custom content creation for your brand, get in touch!

Custom content may include:

newsletter design & management

bespoke lettering

content curation

graphic design (blog images, banners etc.)

web (re)design (WordPress or Shopify only)

Let’s talk

Whether you want to work with me on your project or just chat over a virtual coffee, please fill out the form below or send an email to and I’ll respond within 48 hours. – Daiana

Folea Daiana Gabriela PFA CUI: 32514395, VAT ID: 36116937
400691 Cluj-Napoca, RO, EU