Fashion Blogging 101: How To Be A Better Fashion Blogger

Time for some fashion blogging 101!

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own fashion blog, consider these 4 tips your cue.

Fashion Blogging 101: Find Your Voice

Isn’t the blogging scene leaning towards imagery (and away from words) these days?

I hear you – and yes. Yes, it is.

And this means that that three word caption is all you have to make your unique voice shine/get through.

How To Do It: The easiest way to get started as a solo fashion blogger is to imagine you’re addressing your best friend.


Because when you talk to them all your filters are off and you’re using your real, natural voice.

In time, you’ll be able to refine the output and tweak it to suit different mediums and occasions.

Fashion Blogging 101

Fashion Blogging 101: Produce Amazing Content

Gee, thanks Sherlock.

But really.

Getting started isn’t as complicated as you think.

Look around you for props, colors and inspiration and put them together in a giant moodboard.

These days, it’s easy to experiment by posting your results on social media to gauge interest.

How To Do It: Begin by using things you already have, like your own phone, clothes and jewelry.

And don’t get too hung up on perfection from the start.

(Trial & error is where it’s at.)

For comprehensive Instagram-related tips, check out this article.

Fashion Blogging 101

Fashion Blogging 101: Know Your Audience

Sooo many fellow content creators gloss straight over this step and it shows.

Who are you talking to?

Who are you creating content for?

If the answer is “anybody who’ll look”, that’s no bueno.

You have to narrow down your audience. Narrow it way down.



In most cases, your audience will consistent of people that have the same interests – and, quite often, also the same age – as you.

Then go beyond that: where are they located?

How do they drink their coffee?

What do they watch?

How To Do It: Create an avatar of your ideal audience in your mind.

And, if it helps, pin it down to a single person.

Try to imagine their likes, dislikes, dreams and aspirations.

You’ll find that, by doing this, you’ll also find it easier to write the content, since you *know* who you’re actually talking to.

Fashion Blogging 101: How To Be A Better Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogging 101: Put Yourself Out There

This can often be the most daunting part.

You have your words, your content, your audience… now what?

Go out there and help others.

That’s right.

Help, support, show interest and appreciation. (And mean it, too.)

If they love your content, they’ll reciprocate. High-five for all your amazing work!

How To Do It: This one’s easy. Start engaging on your favourite social media channel!

Fashion Blogging 101 Pinterest

Let’s sum up what we’ve learned now, shall we?

After all, if you don’t take all this information and turn it into actionable advice, you’ll forever be at square one.

Fashion Blogging 101 is about…

Finding Your Voice | Bring your own, original personality to the conversation.

Producing Amazing Content | Populate your blog with high-quality photos and text.

• Knowing Your Audience | This way, you’ll also know what content to create.

• Putting Yourself Out There | Why churn out content if nobody sees it? Connect with fellow bloggers and start building relationships. In time, readers will follow.

Fashion Blogging 101 Step 1
Fashion Blogging 101 Step 2
Fashion Blogging 101 Step 3
Fashion Blogging 101 Step 4

Now: are you ready to start a kick-ass fashion blog?

Sure you are! Following these 4 simple pieces of advice will position you for longtime success.

So start implementing and good luck on your new blogging adventure!

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